Twelve is my number. Twelve is now the latest good movie I have seen. Twelve is twelve thousand times better than any comedy I have seen these past few months.

Like many other good movies this one also is based on a novel, Twelve was written by a 17 year old and that came as a surprise. I didn’t watch the movie before I knew this so it is interesting to see it again with a slightly different point of view. Some things make this a little harder because White Mike (the main character) in my mind should be younger but Chace Crawford looks a lot older cause he is. Besides him the other characters lived up to their parts age wise, Rory Culkin literally looks like he is about to hit puberty, Emma Roberts looked innocent like always and then there were bunch of basically unknown names. Phillip Ettinger gave a good performance as Hunter and ZoĆ« Kravitz (yes, the daughter of Lenny Kravitz) did okay but didn’t stick out. What annoyed me the most about this was Esti Ginzburg and I as so right about that because this as her first role ever! Maybe she has done some high-school drama class stuff but if she was any good that didn’t show in the movie. I thought she looked fake and while she was supposed to play a girl who was fake, she just didn’t do that. A much more surprising thing was the actress who played Jessica, Emily Meade. She hasn’t done much but enough to have experience that was needed for this role – she was messed up most of the time. 50 Cent had a role also, it was a perfect fit.

The best part of Twelve is actually the narrator – yes, the movie was narrated and this is something that isn’t a common style used (Dexter uses this and that makes them special). There are some movies that use narration to illustrate the movie but this voice literally told the whole story – the point of it. Kiefer Sutherland who was this godly voice over the movie has this tone to his voice that was just perfect. But I keep thinking if Michael C. Hall would’ve been even more perfect but I’ll never know. I just have to deal with the fact that this as a 4out of 5 movie that might end up on my re-watch list some day.

On a side note: this movie has a 5,6 on IMDb and only corssed 2,5 million (budget was 5) and bad reviews all over. Does this mean I like bad movies or is this just the fact that I like movies that a larger audience doesn’t. Who knows, but one is sure, Twelve isn’t a light movie.


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