How I missed watching those far from reality comedy/romance movies and I was even happy to see yet again a very clumsy main character – what is it with falling, tripping, hitting people, getting bit by ants etc? I just don’t get the funny, I’m laughing at the ridiculousness of it all not the jokes. If you like to do that, watch You Again and get the “oh sure, yeah, okay, hahaha – not funny!” thought bubble above your head.

The movie tells a story about this ex-nerd girl who was bullied in high-school by this tall brunette chick who now is marrying her older brother. The soon to be bride doesn’t even remember the once bullied girl (she luckily has changed) and that for some reason is a problem because she wants an apology. And like this isn’t enough for the plot, they had to throw in the same kind of situation among the mom of the once bullied and the aunt of the soon to be bride.  I should really start using the names of the characters but I don’t care that much.

Lots of falling, hitting, falling, breaking, falling in love, out of love, in love etc. It has a lot but at the same time it has nothing – just a crazy plot with crazy accidents. The only thing that saved this movie was the acting. And by that I mean Betty White. She is so sweet and it’s hard to hate her. Kristen Bell plays the female lead and Jamie Lee Curtis her mom, soon to be bride is played by Odette Yustman and her aunt is Sigourney Weaver. Names are rather good, all great actresses at some point but I think they just didn’t make the cut this time. Couple of laughs don’t make up the fact that I have had it with these types of movies. But I still watch them because I really like to give bad reviews. Evil? I say realistically negative.

2 out of 5 – could’ve been better if I had been drunk.


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