Paranormal Activity is a perfect reason why I do not watch horror movies. It felt realistic, it wasn’t too over the top slashing and hacking it was just plain documentary style movie that probably won’t let me sleep for a while. What is so great about this is the simplicity how it was made – using just a single hand held camera it was like a movie in a movie or something like that. The best part was the end of course – that sold it for me! Not sure if I want to see the second Paranormal Activity at least not right away cause I have enough thoughts from the first one to last me a lifetime.

Since there isn’t much to tell about the story without giving it all away I’ll just say that it is about a couple who lives in a haunted house. Enough said. But not to make this a very short post I’d say that the numbers of this movie are pretty good. IMDb gives it 6,6 but the money numbers are much more interesting. Making the movie (by Oren Peli) cost $15,000, the profit was $193,355,800! The second Paranormal Activity had a budget of $3,000,000 and the third one $6,000,000. We can’t say it about the third but the second one hasn’t done as well as the first one, IMDb gives it 6,1. What have we learned? Money doesn’t mean the movie is better, with jus $15,00 Oren Peli worte and directed a great movie but when more money was on the table the movie wasn’t that good. Probably because overselling something that has to be that simple isn’t always good – I mean, if they did a movie with $15,000 where did they put the $3,000,000? Interesting.

The movie has three different endings, reading about them online I thought the version I saw was the best one, right from the beginning I thought that something like that was going to happen but I was still surprised. If you want to know about the alternative versions of the endings go to Wikipedia but I suggest watching the movie first if you’re going to watch it anyway. Why? Well because this type of horror is the best (I’ve seen enough to say this – sadly), not too over the top, believable, realistic (because the cast is so unknown! and average looking), “could-happen-to-me-any-day-now” – young movie-makers should be inspired. 4 out of 5.


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