I was happily pleased when I watched The Kids Are All Right with Julianne Moore, Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo. The story is definitely not something you find from fairytale books, a lesbian couple who has two kids, have to face new obstacles when the kids look up their father. This isn’t something that happens everyday and I found it to be very refreshing. IMDb gives this a 7,4 score but I think it deserves better but considering that it goes against a lot of morals (being gay and watching gay porn and cheating) I doubt that everybody is going to like it. Not a problem for me, give me a gay married couple, lots of inappropriate biker porn scenes and I’m gonna laugh my head off.

I find it funny that I like comedies that are a bit sarcastic and ironic at the same time, the situations that make me laugh are usually the ones that make the characters in that scene sad or disappointed. I guess humor that doesn’t come in bunch-lines is much more realistic and The Kids Are All Right was all about that.

Julianne Moore and Annette Bening gave a very believable performance and so did Mark Ruffalo but what else to expect from those who have done this for years. Mia Wasikowska who needs to choose an easier name was at her best also I think. I’ve only seen her in Alice in Wonderland and waiting to see her in Restless but so far she seems to be rather good and better than most teenage actresses I know. Josh Hutcerson’s name is unfamiliar for me but I have seen him from somewhere, the face is too cute to forget and too cute to remember.

So all in all the movie was an absolute favorite from last year, best comedy I saw I think and it just shows that I like comedy/drama – ironic/sarcastic etc. Humor that doesn’t hit you hard in the face but is rather solid life-like and makes you wonder if your own life is that ridicilously funny when it would be a movie. 4 out of 5 because I am programmed not to give 5 out of 5, I don’t know why.


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