Apparently I am not watching enough shows because I keep stumbling on new ones I want to watch. This one I found totally by accident (which just shows that I’m not looking for new shows to watch) and I thought it was quite different. Not every TV-show is about a drugged out father and his kids who all are a bit bad inside. Plus, the stars of the show are pretty well known names, Emmy Rossum is a gorgeous actress/singer who I liked in The Phantom of the Opera (did you know that Gerard Butler was the lead in that movie? – I had no idea!). William H. Macy is a great actor and some guest appearances (I think) include Joan Cusack and Justin Chatwin. It premiers on January 9th and just so you’d get a better idea of Shameless, take a look at this 7min clip.

PS: A lot of the kids of this show are unknown names which might mean that Shameless will be their big brake. Fingers crossed!

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