Since I haven’t posted anything in a while I thought that it is about time I talked about Bones. It’s running on its 5th season and has a 8,4 rating in IMDb so I guess people like the show – why should I think differently, huh?

I recently watched (out of curiosity) the pilot again, just to see what I had forgot – do you remember how much Bones is actually changed? She has become more closed and afraid of the feelings that us, mere humans have, and that started to bug me. Everybody who is a fan of the show knows that the 100th episode was a shocker – in many ways. They showed the first case Bones and Booth had and then they made them both cry because Booth wanted to try but Bones wasn’t ready to change. Well, what the hell is she thinking? I get the fact that the show would have a whole new vibe when they get together and the writers don’t want to dance the “audience wants it, we’re gonna give it to them” dance that lots of shows do.

I mean, the Bones and Booth thing has been hovering over our heads for so long that I don’t even remember when it started, but now I’m just mad. Okay, not mad, but deffinitely annoyed – I get that Bones is a little closed-up and has issues with expressing human emotion, but it is Booth for God sakes?! And the last episode, Angela and Hodgins, married!? Well, I guess the writers are trying to get our minds of the B&B situation and postpone their big get together (its gonna happen, it’s gonna happen even when it is the last episode of the series).

So this was the whole who loves who, who has to be with who – as you know the series is about death and bones and maggots – and they try to keep things fresh with new deaths and stuff but I still think that they can never top the Zack moment (he helped a serial killer!) – I still think that that was the most shocking thing that has ever happened. (Okay, Booth getting the brain tumor was also bit scandalous but it aired about the same time House had his meltdown so I was thinking “not with the hallucinations again!”.) I mean, Zack was the cutest thing ever, and then he turns out to be a “killer” – it will forever remain in my mind and it is the second thing I remember when I think about Bones (Bones and Booth is obviously the first).

Other than that, I think that Bones is at the top of my favorite criminal shows, Criminal Minds is close behind and then it was The Mentalist at third place, but the second season kind of got boring so there is no third place. And CSI (all three of them) was also once at the top but now I don’t even watch those anymore. So basically I watch 2 criminal shows out of so many that are running and catching criminals left and right – keep it simple when it comes to criminals.


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