I can finally get to cross out this amazing movie from my waiting list. That being said, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna watch this movie again because it is a true visual treat. Story itself supports it and together they allow viewers to have a great experience with this one. And in addition, you really have to think about the movie after wards – you can’t just watch it and then forget about it. That’s why it is good to watch it again, to see it from a different side, to see the small details and stuff.

It is hard to talk about a movie without giving too much away but the basics are pretty obvious, the story is about a ballerina (they show the dark side of ballet – pretty rough) who wants the lead role in the famous ballet called Swan Lake. You know the story? I remember watching the cartoon version of this when I was little and well I’m a bit disappointed at myself, I think the movie would be interesting on a whole new level if I’d know the ballet Swan Lake. But maybe that will happen one day, maybe not – I just think that this movie has so many different point of views hidden in it.

There is a lot of talk about Academy Awards in the end of the year and Black Swan is right up there amongst the most talked about movie of the year. Not just because the movie is great but because the actresses who were in the lead – Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis got the chance to have the spotlight and they earned it. Both lost a lot of weight to make this movie work, both trained hard because they had to portray ballerinas and based on this movie, being a ballerina isn’t that glamorous! But I think in the end it was worth it for the both of them, Portman is going to have a great year (lots of her movies coming out 2011), Mila Kunis proved that she isn’t just about the comedy (I like her more than Portman!, she’s going to go far). The movie of course wouldn’t be nothing without a sexy French man Vincent Cassel who plays the director of the ballet. And no Darren Aronofsky movie wouldn’t be the same without Clint Mansell who again was behind the soundtrack.

So everything is there, the great performances, the amazing story, the mersmerizing visual effects – Darren Aronofsky has come a long way since Requiem For a Dream but he still has that same style that I like. Until next time, Darren, can’t wait.


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