I started the blog in May, it has been almost 10 months of work keeping this baby up and running – watching movies, trailers, TV-shows etc to stay in tune with the movie world is pretty much been my # 1 activity. I’m happy about that actually, I think I’m finally doing something I like and seeing the stats isn’t depressing so I’m probably doing something right. And I really wanted to show MR. Movie-Addict’s process cause I’m a little proud of it myself.. okay, who am I kidding, I’m very proud of it!

Best month so far has been November with 1,290 views, the month I posted the TVD special and all those fans have been so great because it is the most viewed post ever.

As you can see I didn’t post in April at all! This lead to my lack of stats in April – I don’t know what happened, this will never happen again!

But while November has had the most views (keep in mind that this month isn’t over yet), December has had most “per day” views – it has been a solid and consistent month.

And last but not least, the progress of these last weeks where the day in green has been the best day ever – 420 views in 24 hours – I like.

So these are the stats of my blog as from May 2010 until now. I’m quite happy with it, next year when I celebrate this blogs first birthday I might be even happier – who knows.

Thank you guys for reading!


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