So I watched Star Trek again the other day and I must say, I enjoy it. I haven’t been a big fan of the tv-show, honestly, I only have seen a climpse of it and didn’t really watch it. But I enjoy the humor there and the story – the main character doesn’t get the girl! Plus, I liked the russian guy there, god he was sweet with his accent – who wouldn’t like that huh?

I bought 2 new DVD’s too – Hard Candy and The Pirate Radio (Which is actually The Boat That Rocked, but since I’m a movie fan I seem to make a mistake very easily when I translate a movie title from Estonian to English – Estonian translation is just silly!) – first one I have seen but it was cheap as hell so I just had to buy it – plus Ellen Page looks adorable even as a bad-ass torture girl. The second one is going on my weekend “must watch” list – then I’ll post the review too. It can’t be bad, Nothing Hill and Love Actually are wonderful, so this might be kind a like that as well.

Talk to ya soon!



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