Watching this trailer I was amazed with the shots – the visual images that this movie is probably filled with and there is nothing bad about a visual greatness!

Terrence Malick is 67 but he hasn’t done many movies, in fact he has done 5 (+ 1 short movie) which gives me the impression that he is the director who appreciates quality over quantity – critics have praised him and after watching the trailer for The Tree of Life I think I will do the same. (I don’t remember watching The Thin Red Line but that would soon change).

Brad Pitt is looking young and fresh again in this one, Sean Penn is working with Malick for the second time and Jessica Chastain might get her big brake after this one. Plus, there are a lot of young boys acting in it so there might be new stars coming.

The trailer looks great, I like the voice over in that whispering tone that gives me the creeps – don’t really know what the movie is about, probably the family dynamics and since it’s about Sean Penn’s character I think it’s a pretty serious movie (he is good in those roles). IMDb says it is a drama/fantasy movie – the fantasy part is not showed in the trailer but maybe it says that because of the flashbacks? I don’t know, that’s the only thing I don’t get at the moment.

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