“Life is the most spectacular show on Earth” says the movie trailer for Water for Elephants because the movie is about the traveling circus group called The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth, I wonder if the movie would be as spectacular…

Water for Elephants is the newest movie for Robert Pattinson the ever so popular sparkling vampire Edward for a lot of teens – I don’t care for Twilight but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Pattinson. Right the opposite to that, I think Pattinson is one of the talented ones in young America (plus, he’s English) and is going far, after the Twilight thing wears off he can do roles he really loves because to me he seems to be over Twilight a long time ago.

Another name in this is Reese Witherspoon who I don’t really like nor hate, I just have no opinion on her – must be the serious/not so serious roles that make me confused but she is pretty. But for me the most exciting is Christopher Waltz, that guy is like the king of Europe for me. After the Inglorious Bastards it is hard not to think anything else of Waltz, he is great and I have no problem watching Water for Elephants when it comes out because I have nothing against the 3 leads.

Movie itself is based on a book (no surprise there) and the first look of the trailer gives me the Notebook vibe, I don’t know what it is, probably the old guy talking about his youth in the circus where he falls in love with a woman who is actually the circus owners girlfriend? The book has many awards and it’s quite fresh (2006) – I don’t think I will manage to read it before it opens on April 15th, 2011 but I’ll give it a try. Meanwhile, happy waiting for this one, I think it’s going to be great.

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