Based on the trailer and the knowledge behind the movie I would definitely say that Take Me Home Tonight is going to be a great comedy. Why? First of all it has Topher Grace as a lead and he hasn’t done a lot since The 70’s Show – Ocean movie, Spider-Man 3 (he was the bad guy there), Valentine’s Day, Predators (should I watch it?). But from all of those I think Take Me Home Tonight will bring him back into the main stream. Other reason is not Anna Faris (her creepy voice from House Bunny still rings in my ears) but the writers of the movie:  they are the same guys who wrote That 70’s Show (plus Grace himself did some work with the script). From all I know this could be as good as Hangover and maybe even better. Plus the fact that it is placed in 88 sounds interesting because I remember liking Whip It for its timeless look and Adventureland was also good (which reminds me that I should do a review on that). Anyway, Take Me Home Tonight (named after a song by the way) is released on March 4, 2011.

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