Remember Felicity? The girl with curly hair which she for some reason had to cut in the beginning of the second season and why some people say the show went down-hill after the first season. The girl who talked to the tape-recorder in order to use the voice over which was also left behind as a concept when the documentary happened and they started  talking to the camera instead (now all of them rather than just Felicity). If you don’t then you probably didn’t see it because I remember two things and those were the ones I named – curly hair and tape recorder.

But since I have now managed to watch it to its mid third season I remember a lot more. And I have to say I think the first season was the best one so far and the ratings say basically the same thing. I don’t think it was because of the haircut in the beginning of second season I think it was because second season was shallow – I can’t explain but if you watch it then you might get my point. And not that the third season got any better, I just think that it went flat but at least they keep it as real as they can not like One Tree Hill which gave ever lasting nightmares to all the kids who have babysitters – but it kept bringing the people together and then apart again and so on – and I stopped wathcing the third season for a while since I sensed that they are bringing them apart again. Who are we kidding, they will end up together, why then put the characters through something like that? I don’t get it but maybe it was the 90’s.

Speaking about the 90’s – the fashion back then was absolutely horrific. From shoes to skirts to dresses (with some exceptions) to shirts to hats (!) to everything – plus the variety of characters gave them the opportunity to use different styles but meanwhile keep the horrible taste in all of them. At least looking back to that time I think that fashion was going through something that we call “teenage” years in human life – it did something that it wasn’t supposed to do but it grew and I now thing that people are much more stylish. Thank god, can you imagine if the 90s were still here? I would rather go barefoot to wear those horrible boots/shoes or what evers.

Anyway, Felicity played by Keri Russell, is the main character (how shocking,  right?) who fallows Ben (her crush from high-school) played by Scott Speedman, so she goes to New York and basically throws away her entire life plan to be a doctor. The parents aren’t happy about that of course but Felicity later discovers that going to New York was the best thing for her and she even changes her major! And there is a lot of drama between her and Ben and then there is a lot of stuff between her and Noel played by Scott Foley and then there is this thing with her roommate Meghan played by Amanda Foreman. Then there is Julie played by Amy Jo Johnson who left the show in third season and then there is Sean played by Greg Grunberg and Elena played by Tangi Miller and Javier played by Ian Gomez who has now sold out by playing in Cougar Town. Basically this show has a lot of names but none of those except Scott Foley and Keri Russell have remained in my mind – I just saw Scott Foley in Grey’s Anatomy and I can’t wait to see him more. Keri Russell played in a very sweet musical movie called August Rush and has a new show Running Wilde (which I haven’t watched because I think it is going to get cancelled anyway) – so things are looking up for those two. But others are all kind of disappeared from my radar which is pretty awesome cause I know so much about so much.

But that being said I think that the show did a quite a good  job back then but for today it seems too naive – teenagers and young adults have the same problems yes, but times are different so there isn’t actually no need to dig up your Felicity memories or if you do want to watch it, stick with the first season and then watch the last episode of the series because I really think that the rest in between isn’t that important. Maybe just the relationship between Meghan and Sean – I think they are adorable!


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