The thing with animated movies is that in Estonia they tend to do voice overs and when I say they tend to do this I mean they do it for every single animated movie that comes out! Seriously, I understand it as a person, as a critic I think it is important to give people choices! For instance, I would like to see a movie that has English audio because I usually like the original cast, but there aren’t any versions running at local cinemas – this leads to the fact that I have to wait for a long time to see an animated movie like Despicable Me for instance.

I waited it for a long time after I saw the first short clip with the little yellow guy, I liked and still like it very much because it is so simple. Plus the laugh reminds me of my best friend – and no, she isn’t the little yellow guy or imaginary, she is real!


Anyway, a couple of days ago I finally got the chance to see this movie and in words of little Agnes (the youngest of the three girls): “It’s so fluffffffffffffffy!”. Because what else could a movie about a bad villain handling three girls and trying to steal the moon be like? Plus those yellow minions are absolutely adorable and they these normal names like Tim, Bob, Mike and Dave but who don’t really speak but make these noises that I think only Gru could understand. The story is of course simple, basically your typical bad guy turns good guy types but the light humor that is applied to it makes it entertaining. Plus I think it is refreshing to see new characters in animation because how much can you handle Shrek and Toy Story?

At the beginning of last month another new animated movie came out, Megamind but at the moment in IMDb Despicable Me is in the lead with 7,6 while Megamind has 7,3 based on its 5 weeks. I think Despicable Me will remain first and I think it is because of the age of the characters. Kids and grown ups will probably like little kids more, plus the minions are simple and like I said, the simpler it is the easier it is and that is more enjoyable. But I can’t really tell before I see Megamind.

Short paragraph about the cast, Gru who is the main villain is voiced by Steve Carell and his arc nemesis Victor is Jason Segel. There is also the scientist who surprisingly was voiced by Russell Brand and Julie Andrews was Gru’s mom. The little kids were mostly unknown names except the oldest who I think was the I Carly lead star who’s name I don’t really care to look up right now – that being said, I think the most fun character was little Agnes. And the last cast member who I’d like to mention is actually from the soundtrack – a lot of the songs in that movie where song by Pharrell Williams so all his fans would probably like this movie that much more.

Keeping in mind my lack of knowledge about animated movies this year which contains only two (I’ve seen How To Train Your Dragon and Despicable Me) I’d say that  Despicable Me is the best animated movie this year because it’s so flufffffyyyyy!


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