So last night I forced myself in front of the computer to watch The Back-up Plan, which is probably supposed to be a come-back to Jennifer Lopez – well, how did that actually turn out?

This is the first movie Kate Angelo has written (I secretly hope, the last) and for Alan Poul, the director, it was the first big-screen movie – so a lot of first for people who are the backbone of the movie. And this actually might be the reason why I didn’t like this movie. I was bored most of the time, and I actually checked my mail, my Facebook and chatted with friends in messenger – a very bad thing while I’m watching a movie. A movie that was about a beautiful and a successful woman who has to use a sperm-bank to get pregnant, then she meets a man, tells him she’s pregnant, he stays, they brake-up, they get together, get engaged and then they leave us with a shocking end – she might be pregnant again (she had twins before they got engaged). What has happened to the classical romantic comedies where boy meets girl and they fall in love? Like I Got Mail or While You Were Sleeping.. I even think Knocked Up is better than The Back-up Plan because it makes more sense. What man will stay with a woman who he knows for 2 weeks (or something, the time moved crazy weird in this movie) who is pregnant with twins from a cup? And the back stories of the characters – a cheese maker who drives a tractor at home, single mom group where a 4 year old is still breast-fed? Sure, that might work but give me a brake!

So sure, I laughed, but because it was so ridiculous that I just had to laugh or else I would have cried or something. But I guess romantic comedies need new plots because the normal romance story is just not exciting enough – sperm-banks are popular (new Jennifer Anistons’ movie The Switch is also about a woman who uses the cup – I wonder how that turns out), a couple being chased by bad guys (Did You Hear About the Morgans? and Date Night) and so on. So I guess I want to say that I miss the classic romantic comedies which don’t have the inapproriate humor and unreal plots. Oh, the good old days… ain’t I a romantic.


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