I was thinking about what to write this weekend and was about to write a long post about myself  and lack of good movies lately but then a miracle happened: The Beaver trailer emerged. First of all I was surprised that Mel Gibson has a movie coming out, I mean he has had some pretty bad press this past year and his career is hanging on a thread. Second of all, I almost spilled my coffee when I saw the name of the movie next to the picture below – how wrong is that, I mean how wrong IS THAT? (Not just because of the Justib Bieber and the beaver connection).

Now, how does this poster not make you laugh?

But apparently it should, because The Beaver (that comes out 2011) is supposed to be a dark comedy. I don’t know about the darkness but the comedy part is done thanks to the poster and the trailer.

This movie stars Mel Gibson like I said before but it also has Jodie Foster playing the wife/love interest of Mel – she also directed the movie that was already finished in 2009 and to be released in the end of 2010. So that is why this movie stars Mel Gibson, he wasn’t showing the fist to his wife yet but since he did it after finishing this movie (no wonder, I would be also mad if I wasn’t an action star anymore and had to talk to a beaver the entire movie).

So Wikipedia has some information about this movie I’d like to share:

The Beaver follows a depressed CEO of a toy company (Gibson) who dons a beaver handpuppet to better communicate with his wife (Foster) and his two sons (Yelchin, Riley Thomas Stewart).[2] The script by Killen topped the 2008 Blacklist, a ranking of the best unproduced screenplays.[3] Brendon Connelly of SlashFilm called the screenplay “one of the few very best screenplays” he has “ever read.”[4]

This is disturbing information because I find it hard to believe that this is the best screenplay out there – maybe I am not seeing past the absurdness, the beaver and the fact that Mel Gibson is the lead, plus the beaver seems to have this kind of weird English accent thing going on. But trying to look past all those things and watch this movie next year because it has the best screenplay – that probably won’t happen, sorry Mel, maybe next time.




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