Thanksgiving weekend has passed, not that I’m American or I celebrate it but it seems that I managed to catch the laziness of that weekend and ended up not doing ANY posts for a while. But now I am back and there is a lot to tell.

First of all, I would start with a short tribute to Leslie Nielsen who passed away November 28th. I remember him from Naked Gun (all three of them) and some other smaller roles he did over the years – he was in total of 239 movies!! So even though he who used to be a dramatic actor but then turned into comedy is gone, there are a lot of movies he left behind – like they say, in some ways he still lives on.

Second thing I wanted to mention was my flashback to childhood when I watched 94’s Lassie on TV the other day. I can’t really name it a classic but in my world it kind of is – I grew up with it and I mean,¬† this¬† movie was made 16 years ago – where is the line between a classic and a non-classic? Interesting, but either way I enjoyed it and I’m just happy that Lassie is okay!

The next thing on my list needs a seperate post because I have been revisiting my past (a lot these days as I can see) and spending my evenings with Felicity. Remember her? The big curly hair and talking to a tape-recorder? I sure did remember her but since I was very little when I watched it I really couldn’t relate to it then (I sure do now), I decided to watch it again – and I’ll post about it later.

Last but not least, Apple had a new trailer up today – The Tempest – and there is just one word that can describe my thoughts – wtf? Honestly, it has been a long time since I felt like that after watching a trailer but I couldn’t pin point the idea of the movie but since it is from the woman who brought us Across the Universe and Frida I think it will be good. And watching Helen Mirren go from the Queen to a crazy I don’t know what she is, is a treat. Freshly married Russell Brand is also in it and The Tempest comes out on December the 10th.

PS: It is nice to be back.

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