It seems that I’m being punished for something because I haven’t had the chance to visit Apple Trailers this week and usually it means I miss a couple of trailers but this week has been like crazy! I seriously have to start doing trailer posts with only one at the time but before I get my act together here are 9, I repeat, nine new movie trailers (with out the youtube videos this time).

Fair Game – I don’t know if it is out or just coming but seems like this movie has been cycling the movie festivals for some time now and it is a shame cause I really really want to see this movie! Naomi Watts and Sean Penn together seem like magic, thriller magic I mean and just add to that some CIA and national secrets and you got yourself a good movie. And at least there’s something to watch with my mom because she likes these types of movies and there haven’t been any for a while – my video store card is getting lonely people, it is getting lonely!

Is already out (I think)

How Do You Know – This movie has two actors who I have mostly liked: Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson, add Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson to the mix and you might have got yourself a good movie. Then spice the whole thing up with The Simpsons developer James L. Brooks who also wrote As Good as It Gets and this movie might save the genre of romantic comedies this year! The story is a little unclear based on the trailer and I don’t really want to get into the plot a lot because I’m afraid that it would ruin the movie for me. Too much information before watching the movie is a total buzz kill.

Comes out on December 17

Country Strong – Gwyneth Paltrow who just made her Glee debut has a new movie coming out and she sings in it – I guess being married to a singer isn’t enough. And this is my problem, I get the whole idea of these kind of movies and country is a very big thing in the States (not as much in Europe) but why cast an actress who has never done singing in the leading role? The point of the movie is that a country singer is trying to make a comeback – she probably makes it. Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund are representing the younger generation.

Comes out on January 7

No Strings Attached – Ashton Kutcher doesn’t give up, I mean he does a bad movie after bad movie and still gets up back on that horse and finds something new and as critical as I want to be, this actually looks a pretty okay romantic comedy. But, there is a big but, what I’ve learned from watching trailers and then movies is that sometimes, the trailer is better than the movie. So I just have to wait and see with this one even though it seems to have the same old story: friends start having sex, boy falls in love with the girl, girl can’t commit and they live happily ever after but in reverse and sometimes without the sex part. While at the moment I’m pretty sure this will be a very similar movie to Friends With Benefits. Natalie Portman plays the female lead and Lake Bell is reunited with Ashton (they both were in What Happens In Vegas).

Comes out on January 21

Restless – Probably my number 1 movie that I am looking forward for! Why? I think it has heart and I like how dorky it looks – it also has the Gus Van Sant who directed Good Will Hunting and some really fresh young teens behind it. The writer seems very young and it is his first script, the male lead Henry Hopper is a total new comer (except he is the son of the late Dennis Hopper) and  Mia Wasikowska looks different from Alice in Wonderland. Basically, it seems like another Juno moment for me but a bit darker – I think she has cancer but that is almost everything I know about this movie except that it is going to be a wonderful one.

Comes out on January 28

Unknown – Another good one for the thrillers I think. At this point I think that the thriller/action movies are making a rather decent comeback – is Hollywood finally getting over its dry spell because lets be honest, there have been few good movies this year and if there have been many then well, I am becoming a very harsh critic and I like it. I just hope that I don’t have to be hard on Unknown because from what I know so far, a man’s identity is stolen by his wife and some other guy who is telling everybody that he is actually the real husband, is pretty promising. The list of actors is very important and with Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger and January Jones I think this movie will do just fine.

Comes out on February 18

Red Riding Hood – the mother of Twilight is back again and now she brings into daylight a fresh, never before heard about version of red riding hood which seems something like Twilight without the glitter. I hope I’m not the only one saying this but I see some similarities to Twilight – the scene in the woods, the forbidden love? Honestly, if they start climbing trees I’m calling it Twired and that is that. Amanda Seyfired is the girl with the longest red cape in the world in this movie and there is a new wolf in town (?) – Shiloh Fernandez. A small little side note and the jaw drop moment – Leonardo DiCaprio is producing it and this would be a second movie he produced that is written by D.L. Johnson (he wrote also the movie Orphan).

Comes out on March 11

Jane Eyre – Usually these Jane Austen, Charlotte BrontĂ« types of movies tend to end up on my DVD collection because I want to see them over and over again. This new version of Jane Eyre seems a bit darker based on the trailer at least and I have no idea why but I think I like it. By the looks of it they have given Jane Eyre a bit of a twist and I actually can’t wait for it to come out next year. Mia Wasikowska plays Jane Eyre, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell and Judi Dench have also big roles.

Comes out on March 11

Green Lantern – As much as I want to see Ryan Reynolds in a tight leather suit I’m not so sure Green Lantern is going to be a treat for the eye. This could pretty much be a Daredevil (Ben Affleck’s movie) moment for Ryan Reynolds. I am not familiar with the comic book at all so I don’t get the point and the trailer pretty much said nothing about it – a guy gets a ring that allows him to do stuff he imagines while wearing a leather suit (green I might add) and having to save the Universe. Yeah, I think I pretty much just told the whole point of the movie in one sentence – good for me! Blake Lively gets to show us her legs and the producer of Brothers & Sisters is producing this as well.

Comes out on June 17


  • You’re right.. sometimes the movie trailers are better than the movie. But I think “No Strings Attached” might be good. I posted the trailer on my blog. Well at least I hope it will be. Nice article

  • Thanks for the article looked up the trailers and was most pleased by Jane Erye and the Unknown know I can’t wait till it comes out…I understand the confusion of No Strings Attached but I come to learn not to expect too much of a great thing from romantic comedies they mostly end the same with the similar plot but I think it might be a good one I mean you got Natalie Portman, who I love and Mindy Kaling from the office might come out as a pretty good movie after all.

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