I already shared my affection towards Ellen Page in my special edition post – stating that I loved Whip It. So I decided to do a post about the movie – finally I might add, because I’ve seen it twice!

There is humor, there is love, there is a lessons to learn, there is friendship, there is blood, there is music, there are some amazing scenes, there are wonderful stories told – Whip It is a magical movie in so many ways especially for a movie lover like me. Why? Cause I think it has this artistic vibe that isn’t really common in Hollywood, and i personally think that it is thanks to Drew Barrymore (who produced and directed the movie). I find her refreshing in Hollywood, a new-old soul in the middle of the flashlights. The new-old is a term I just now thought of while thinking about Whip It, a movie that is in my mind new-old!

If you start watching it, you might feel that it is slightly off in some places and it is, because it brings into light old beliefs about being a mom, remember those American adds about perfect housewives? Well, Whip It has that commercial vibe to it and a little 80’s all rolled into the fresh new world that is the 21st century. I get it, I like it and I would love to see Whip It 2! But no,all they do is Step Up again and again and again.. Enough is enough! But I guess it is meant to be like that, only one Whip It and that is all I get!

The story itself is about Bliss (Ellen Page) who’s mom is determent to make her the miss America so to speak, driving her to be a girly-girl in the most motherly way – but Bliss of course is not that girl. She wants to do something else, she wants to be in a roller derby team, sport that has re-emerged in the heart of Texas, Austin in a form of women having interesting stage names and getting their teeth kicked in. There are many teams and they held a competition every year – Bliss joins the most unfortunate team in that sense that they are last every single year. She of course has to keep this a secret from her parents and with a little help from her friend (the wonderful Pash played by Alia Shawkat) she manages to keep the extra practice and competitions a secret. She even meets a young musician called Oliver (played by Landon Pigg who is far from a pig!)  and there is some smart writing in some of their scenes, plus interesting directing (props to Drew!).  And when you have watched as many movies as I have or just some movies you know that secrets are never secrets until the end.. but I’m not gonna spill the beans about the whole movie.

I just want to say that this movie is just the kind of movie I would be happy to make someday – if I had Ellen and Drew on my speed-dial right now, I’d be already making one but for now I just have the privilage to see Whip It again and again – this reminds me, I should buy the original DVD…


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