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Hotel Artemis (2018)


Walking out of the theather after seeing Hotel Artemis I felt numb. This type of numbness hadn’t yet happened in 2018, so I felt a little shocked. After I had time to digest this feeling of nothingness, I decided that I was still going to review Hotel Artemis. Because if I had suffered through a really bad movie, I might as well trash it on my blog.…

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# 109 – The Beaver


I was thinking about what to write this weekend and was about to write a long post about myself  and lack of good movies lately but then a miracle happened: The Beaver trailer emerged. First of all I was surprised that Mel Gibson has a movie coming out, I mean he has had some pretty bad press this past year and his career is hanging on a thread. Second of all, I almost spilled my coffee when I saw the…

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