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Blindspot 2018, April: The Shining


That’s right, I had not seen The Shining before last week and I’m okay with that. Because only in recent years have I started to appreciate horror, and its genre for something other than jump scares and blood splatters. So it seems that it was just the right time for me, to finally watch The Shining.…

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BlindSpot 2018 Announcment

Mettel Ray

Can’t say this is my first time announcing my participation in the Blind Spot series created by Ryan over at The Matinee. Back in 2014 I found this and thought, here is something I should do, and I stuck with it for two months. Yes, I was that successful! But I did have a guest appearance in Ryan’s podcast which was one of the first cool things I did back then! Well, I’m giving it another go and hopefully, 2018 is…

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Blind Spot #1 (BOT)

Extra Movie

  Blind Spot series also goes hand in hand with my Back on Track feature. Ryan over at The Matinee is hosting a great feature that pushes bloggers like me to watch movies we have heard a lot about but haven’t seen yet. The idea is to select 12 movies (mine are listed in the sidebar), watch a movie for the first time each month for a full year and post about it every month. But I have chosen to…

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